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The Truth about hospital infections and guaranteed solution
Medical professionals are in the business of saving lives. Every product they use has this goal in mind. As per the recent estimate, 80 % of hospital accidents and infections are due to the use of malfunctioned medical devices and one of the major cause is rusted medical devices. This can be completely eliminated by the use of Stainless steel 304 medical devices.

That's why hospitals, clinics, rural health clinic and doctor's offices across the world rely on stainless steel 304 as the material of choice for all types of medical equipment. Stainless steel 304 has a unique set of features that makes it unbeatable for use in making of hospital furniture and other devices. Stainless Steel 304 is used where high corrosion resistance, good formability, strength, manufacturing precision, reliability, and hygiene is of particular importance. Properties of Stainless Steel 304 which make it the most suitable materials for the manufacture of medical devices are listed below :
  • Antibacterial properties. Stainless steel's rigid, non-porous surface denies microorganisms a place to hide and fester.
  • Rust Proof . Eliminate the risk of infection from rust and other surface imperfections caused by oxidation.
  • High corrosion resistance. The reassurance that medical devices won't chemically react with bodily tissue, cleaning products used to sterilize and the hard, repetitive wear that many medical devices are subjected to, means that Stainless 304 is the perfect material for hospitals, surgeries and paramedic applications etc.
  • Superior stain resistance, making it easy to clean and reuse as needed.
  • High Strength. Not only does Stainless Steel 304 offer high strength, it is also extremely workable, with the ability to be deep drawn into shape without the need for annealing, making 304 perfect for the manufacture of bowls, sinks, pans and a range of different medical vessels and hollow ware.
  • High heat resistance, enabling it to withstand the extreme temperatures used in modern sterilizing equipment.
  • Flexibility. Stainless steel is used for all types of medical applications, from surgeon scalpels to storage cabinets and rolling carts
  • Recyclability. When it's long life is over, recyclers can turn used steel into other products, making stainless an environmentally responsible material.
  • Non-magnetic properties. This makes stainless steel ideal for operating theaters and other sensitive uses.
  • Affordability. Not only is stainless steel perfect for the medical field, it's reasonably priced.

Josefina Life Sciences offers hospital furniture and other devices made of certified Stainless Steel 304. Josefina Life Sciences dedicated to supplying the highest quality medical supplies at the lowest prices in the international market. To know more about our range of Stainless Steel 304 medical devices, please write to us on We provide special discount to the readers and to avail special discount please send an email mention ‘avail discount’ to or to

If you want to know about any particular product or material please let us know ... we will
try to include those in our future write ups.

Do you want buy medical devices? Read this first.

Anti Static Castors : Best Solution to Electrostatic Discharge in Hospitals

What is Electrostatic Discharge ?
Nearly everyone has experienced an electrostatic field when we wave back of our hand across a television and a computer screen . The sensation we feel is the hairs on the back of our hand being pulled by the electrostatic field. The electrostatically charged object charge other nearby object without actually touching them; sometimes from as far away as several feet.

Why is it dangerous ?
If electrostatic discharge is of a sufficiently high voltage, it can either ignite flammable vapors (eg. ether or chloroform) or destroy sensitive electronic equipment. As per the US FDA estimate about 600 surgical fires occur annually in U.S. and electrostatic discharge is one of the reason.

This can be prevented by ensuring there is always a pathway for the static electricity to leak slowly to earth. The solution to the electric static discharge is anti static castors in all mobile and static furniture, equipment etc. Anti static castors are developed to provide the sufficient conductivity and with enhanced durability.

The conventional method like grounding straps can become disconnected. Grounding chains can lose contacts with the floor. Both of these instances are scenarios in which the protection is compromised and damages are likely to occur.

When tests were performed on conductive flooring with insulated castors found unexpected charging of the cart when it was standing still or moving. A cart with anti static castors does also charge when moved on an insulative floor but only to a certain degree. At a certain potential an equilibrium seems to be established between the conductive wheels and the floor material, prohibiting further charging.

Installation of Anti static Castors
Anti static castors must be properly installed to ensure a conductive path from the trolley leg, through the stem, and the castor and the axle and the bearing, and through the centre and tyre. Solid metal will provide such a conductive path.

Anti static Castors are the best solution when considering Electrostatic discharge. The castors used in Josefina Life Sciences hospital furniture and equipment are effective because they provide excellent contact with the conductive floor providing a pathway for discharge. We recommend replacing and using all insulative castors with anti static castors.”