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Heat Sealed Mattress

Heat Sealed Mattress

Heat Sealed Mattress for hospital bed (plain), model no. MHSF-001 is used hospital and other similar institutions to give comfort to the patient. Heat Sealed Mattress for hospital bed with washable and flame retardant covering . It is simple to clean and easy to use.



  • Fire retardant Polyurethane Foam.
  • Water resistant and flame retardant cover.



  • Model No. : MHSF-001
  • Item : Heat Sealed Mattress for  hospital bed (plain) with flame retardant and water resistant covering.


Technical Data

  • Dimensions : To match with bed size 2200x900x550 mm (LxWxH).
  • Polyurethane foam : Fire retardant Polyurethane foam with minimum 21-30kg/m3 density and 125 mm thickness. 
  • Covering : Heat  Sealed water resistant and flame retardant covering.
  • Carrying capacity : Approx. 180 Kg

Note : Custom size mattress available.


Hospital bedding the main cause of hospital acquired infection.
Patient cross-infection and hospital acquired infections pose a major problem for hospitals and patients, greatly increasing suffering and causing considerable expense. Bedding interiors colonised with bacteria, become a reservoir of infection causing an increased risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.


Why not traditional mattress?

  • Needle perforations caused by sewing seams are over 100 times larger than harmful pathogens and become the breeding ground for these harmful pathogens. Zips/vents opening pose further risks of micro organisms contaminating inside the mattress. These enable the passage of germs from interior to the patient eye, ear, nose and mouth.
  • In addition the movement of contaminated mattress around the hospital wards and through hospital laundries identified as a mode of spreading pathogens. Risk posed by contaminated bedding is particularly among the patients having high risk health conditions.


How to prevent contaminations of  mattress?

  • The hospital beddings, such as mattresses and pillows, which are in direct contact with patients to be adequately decontaminated to minimize the risk of cross infection.
  • Heat sealed mattress provide complete barrier against these contaminations. Heat sealed mattress prevents the passage of liquid and pathogens that colonise the interior of standard bedding products.
  • Heat sealed mattress easy to wipe clean using standard cleaning protocols and are liquid proof and highly stain resistant . These can be cleaned in the event of heavy or blood soiling with 10,000 ppm chlorine.

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